Property Depreciation

If you are looking at entering the property market or currently own an investment property, claiming depreciation is an important factor to consider. Owners of income producing properties are eligible for significant taxation benefits, this includes properties both old and new.
Property depreciation allows investors to claim tax deductions based on the natural wear and tear that occurs to any income-producing property. These deductions can add up to thousands of dollars and are claimable over the effective life of the investment property. 
Australian Real Estate are committed to helping our customers achieve their cash flow potential by maximising the depreciation deductions available from their investment property. For an estimate of the deductions claimable on a current or prospective investment property, click the link below to use the free property depreciation calculator.

BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator

BMT Tax Depreciation’s experienced team of Quantity Surveyors are renowned for producing comprehensive depreciation schedules that outline the highest possible deductions available. You also have the option to claim back two years’ worth of depreciation deductions if you have not yet been claiming or maximising your claim. Once a schedule is completed your Accountant can maximise your depreciation claim in your next annual tax assessment. 

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