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This suburb is part of the North-West sector development and the boundaries for Glenwood were first assigned by the Geographical Names Board of NSW in October 1996. Prior to housing development the area was largerly rural with dairying and market gardening the main land uses. The name of the suburb comes from Glenwood Park house. This property has been owned by many families, and has had several names over the period. From 1846 to the mid 1880’s, the property was known as ‘Norfolk Vale’ and was owned by the Staff family, who had a diary and orchards. They sold the farm in 1882. In 1888 James Cock bought the property and had a successful orchard, naming the property ‘Sorrento’. The final name change came in 1941, when Alfred von Sander bought the property, called it ‘Glenwood Park’ and ran horses. The Glenwood Estate was officially opened in June 1994, with land being released for sale. The estate was the first to have a fully reticulated commercial recycled water supply.